concerns freedom of expression

Twitter concerns freedom of expression in India

concerns freedom of expressionTwitter concerns freedom of expression in India

The microblogging platform Twitter on Thursday showing concern about action by Delhi police and says that its potential threat to freedom, of expression in India

Where I Indian government say about the Twitter statement is all the statement by Twitter is baseless, false and they are defamed India to hide their own follies.

Let’s See what is the topic of why Twitter issued a statement.

The statement by Twitter came after Delhi police officials visited the company office on Monday which is in Delhi they visited because probe over the ongoing “toolkit ” matter between the rolling BJP and congress party.

Twitter concerns freedom
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Statement of BJP Leader.

BJP leader Sambit Patra post on his Twitter account toolkit of the congress party in that twite Twitter attached manipulated media label which means that the post altered in a way that is different from the facts.

In this, the IT minister Also raises the question to Twitter what is the process of labeling the tweets and clear who are checkers behind the labeling process.








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