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Blood Supermoon of 2021:-Largest Full Moon lunar eclipse

largest full moon
super blood moon

Largest full moon lunar eclipse of 2021

According to NASA Reports on May 26, the moon will have the nearest approach to the Earth therefore at that moon will going to seen largest in size appearance the largest full moon or super blood moon situation happens every six years of the cycle at the time of lunar eclipse moon colors like blood and pink color ball that’s why people called blood supermoon or pink super moon.

How lunar eclipse Happened

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A lunar eclipse is a position when the moon, sun, and Earth come in one line moon is came behind the Earth, and the shadow of the earth falls on the moon this position is called the lunar eclipse. at

The time lunar eclipse earth’s shadow blocks sunlight from reflecting off the moon, thus presenting eclipse partial or total. A total lunar eclipse is earth shadow (umbra) completely covers the moon.

What is Supermoon(Largest full moon)

A supermoon happens when the moon is close to the earth in a clear way we can say that when the moon during motion in its orbit there is a point of time when the distance between earth and moon is the least (also called perigee) the least average distance between earth and moon is 360000km.

A point of time when the distance between earth and moon is most is called (apogee) the most average distance between earth and moon is 405000km

What is a blood Supermoon?

At the time when the moon came behind the Earth and lunar eclipse position happen due to shadow of earth-moon look dark but it does not look full black due to sunlight reflection moon look red or pink that’s why people say it is like blood moon or pink super moon.

Where lunar eclipse or full moon appears.

The lunar eclipse is able see in only for few minutes A total lunar eclipse will be visible in areas of Australia, all of Oceania, Southeast Asia, most of Alaska and Canada, most of the USA. all of Hawaii, all of Mexico. Central America and South America.

For better understanding watch the video.

See some cool NASA’s eclipse Image

With an open eye, we can’t able to see the proper eclipse or telescopic images but NASA has a very good graphic image which you can try out to see a telescopic view of tonight’s eclipse. with these graphic images, we can see the different phases of the moon at the time of an eclipse.

Is lunar eclipse safe to watch?

It is the biggest question to all is eclipse is safe to watch with an open eye? if we see the eclipse with an open eye what happened to our health is the biggest threat to all of us!


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