BCCI Need A Time For 2021 Cricket T20 World Cup

T20 world cup
image source time of India(ICC chairman Grey Barclay and BCCI president Saurav Ganguly ) (photo by mark Runnicles)

BCCI Need A Time For 2021 Cricket T20 World Cup

New Delhi:- The BCCI (The board of control for cricket in India ) says that they want one month for hosting the t20world cup because in India covid 19 threat.

ICC(International cricket council) board holds virtual meeting on Tuesday they discuss host and all other issues as well. The BCCI (The board of control for cricket in India)  president Saurav Ganguly attend the meeting virtually and they live in UAE on Wednesday to discussion on the organization of IPL With the emirates cricket board.

The meeting which is held on Tuesday in that meeting there is no outcome result came up for final result probably it will come near to 1 July and ICC (International cricket council)  formal the decision during the annual conference that will start on July 18.


Nowadays in India, the covid19 pandemic situation is now coming in control, everyday cases are not much as before but still, the situation is not good to host the T20 world cup at the time of IPL (INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE)  Due to the rising of cases and due to covid 19 cricket player is affected due to that IPL was postponed that time, hence BCCI (The board of control for cricket in India)  need time.

What is The BCCI Plan Now

BCCI  (The board of control for cricket in India)  does not want to let go of these T20 world cup hosting opportunities they are planning to discuss with higher government officials  For that Ganguly and security Jay shah are right in asking for one month time to decide.

When is BCCI going to plan the T20 World cup and where?

The information from the source is that the BCCI (The board of control for cricket in India) is a plan to organize the world cup in the third week of octomber and the second week of November. Still, there is no confirmation in that.

About the venue, there is a 50-50 chance to take an event in one city or in three cities Mumbai along with Pune and Ahmedabad as venues for the final

What is the other issue of BCCI?

Tax wavier is the main issue in these due covid 19 India government economic condition is still not good Enuf and for these world event BCCI need USD 125 million (INR 905 crore approx) and Indian government give tax relief in this hostile situation that will be 1000 crore it’s wishful.

what other topics discussed in the meating

FTP Cycle 2023-31

Future tour and program cycle of next ten year discuss in this meeting ICC (International cricket council)  clear that due to pandemic of covid 19 every cricket board financial condition is not good for them to increase bilateral events to forward recover the revenue.

“they need to look at the financial health of their board” the official further added.

ICC chairman Greg Barclay, a few months back, had expressed their thaught about future cricket events but a lot of people think in cricket board is all thaught in a pandemic is now waste no one now where pandemic goes in fauture.

ICC Globel plan

ICC (International cricket council) discuss the global growth of game they focus on women cricket and planning to spread cricket game in 104 countries equally.

India’s participation in the 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games has ICC (International cricket council) a big boost along the BCCI (The board of control for cricket in India)  take part in 2028 Los A Angeles Olympics.














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